Fish Amritsari Recipe

1 kg singhara fish
3 tbsp malt vinegar
1 tsp ajwain
1 tsp haldi powder
2 tbsp chilli powder
2 tbsp zeera powder
½ cup eggs, whisked
2 tbsp besan
2 tbsp maida
Salt to taste
Oil for frying
Chaat masala to sprinkle on top

To be ground into paste
2 tbsp ginger
2 tbsp garlic
½ tbsp red chillies

Wash the fish pieces and pat dry. Dissolve a little salt in vinegar and marinate fish for 20minutes.
Remove fish from vinegar, press gently between two paper napkins to remove moisture.
In a bowl, mix eggs, ginger, garlic and chilli pastes along with ajwain, haldi, chilli powder, zeera powder, besan, maida, salt and coriander.
Evenly coat fish pieces with this mixture and leave to marinate for 30minutes.
Heat oil in Kadhai, fry fish pieces until crisp and golden brown.
Drain excess oil, sprinkle chaat masala and serve hot, garnished with lemon wedges.

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