Aavakai Pickle- Instant Avakaaya Pachadi


Raw mangoes - 1 kg
Mustard seeds - 150 grams
Red chilli powder - 150 grams(MTR is good)
Salt - 150 grams
Sesame oil - 250 grams
Kabuli channa - 100 grams(optional)


Purchase and get the mangoes cut as per instructions mentioned above.
Spread the cut mangoes on a plate, wipe each piece with a clean white cloth.
Grind mustard to a fine powder. Mix salt, chilli powder and mustard powder.
In a dry Tupperware or glass container, place some mango pieces and spread some mixed powder, channa and pour some oil.
Repeat this with remaining ingredients. Mix with a large laddle.
In two days the oil will rise up. While serving drain the oil. The pickle should always have a layer of oil floating at the top .
You can also get the chillies freshly ground in a mill if you are making large quantities.
You can increase the chilli powder as per taste.

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