Chalimidi- Traditional Rice Sweet


Rice ---1 cup
Jaggery----1 cup( grated)
Coconut pieces ---- 1/2 cup (cut in small cubes)
Ghee-------1 tbs
Elachi/cardamom powder -----1 tsp
Kaju: For Decoration


1. Soak the rice in water for one hour.
2. Drain the water and spread them on a cloth and dry.
3. Do not dry too much.
4.Grind finely and sieve to get very nice flour.
5.Cut the coconut in to small pieces and fry them in little
ghee until turns light brown.
6.Add little water to jaggery and make very thick syrup.
7.Test for syrup take a little syrup and drop in water.
If you can make fa ball out of that from water, that is right paakam.
8.Turn off the heat and add rice flour little by little.
9.while mixing thoroughly to avoid lumps.
10.then add coconut pieces , elachi powder and ghee and mix well.
11.Cover with lid.
12.When it is cool, make balls and store in a dry container.

variations: If you want you can make with sugar instead of Jaggary.

This traditional sweet dish is mandatory in the following occasions:

While seeing off the bride after wedding.
Offered to the pregnant woman at baby shower.
Offered to the young mother while leaving for her husband's home.

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