Mallarapu Undalu - Boondi Bellam chakki


    250 gms besan
    1 cup rice powder
    250 gms jaggery
    1 tea spoon cardamom powder
    oil for deep fry


Sieve besan and rice powder, take it into a bowl.  Add water and make a smooth batter.  The batter should not be thick.  (It should be like dosa batter consistency.) you can see in the pic.

Boondi being prepared

Heat Oil for deep fry in a pan.  (The oil should be very hot) Take a skimmer, Place it above the pan.  Pour the batter in the skimmer.  Slowly drop the boondis into the oil. Fry boondi until golden color. Remember that the boondi should become crispy. 


Remove the boondi from the oil, drain and put in a large plate.  Prepare boondi in the same manner with the batter and keep aside.

jaggery syrup/bellam pakam

Now grate jaggery and take it into a thick bottomed vessel.  Add 1 cup of water.  Heat until the jaggery melts.  Strain the syrup and heat again until it thickens.  Take a cup of water and drop some syrup into it.  If the syrup turns to a soft ball then your syrup is ready.  Add cardamom powder to it.

add the jaggery syrup to the boondi                                     

Now add the jaggery syrup to the boondi and mix well.  Grease large plate with ghee or butter and pour the boondi mixture into it.  

Boondi Mithai/Boondi Bellam chakki

Roll a belan (roller) on the mixture to set it right.  Leave it for 1 hour and then carefully remove and break to  pieces.  (this becomes hard so you have to break to pieces.)  Crispy Boondi Mithai/Boondi Bellam chakki is ready.

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